Carlsbad's Planning Commission Approved the New Quarry Creek Residential Development

At their meeting on March 6th, Carlsbad's Planning Commission approved the proposed residential development of Quarry Creek. While reducing the number of allowed properties from the 656 that were submitted to a maximum of 600, the Commission attempted to minimize the amount of development which occurs on an undeveloped area referred to as the panhandle. Their decision will be sent to the City Council for final approval there.

The Quarry Creek community will be located off of Haymar Drive just south of State Route 78. The 156-acre property was formerly a rock quarry and edges close to the city's border with Oceanside. Carlsbad real estate will get a boost in the area with the proposed 85 acres of open, natural space which the community will provide to the city. In addition, the development will also pay more than $3 million in park fees.

The neighborhood will be made up of single and multi-family residences, and will add to the competitive market of Carlsbad homes for sale. While Quarry Creek will likely be a very desirable place to live, consider taking a look at the importance of bringing your own real estate agent to model home showings and pre-building negotiations:

  • The On-Site Sales Team Works for the Developer – When meeting with the sales professionals handling sales or managing the model home for a new community, remember that they work for (and are paid by) the developer of the neighborhood. They have a fiduciary responsibility to their employer to keep their best interests in mind, which can be bad for you. By bringing your own real estate professional with you, you have a representative who will look out for your best interests. Generally, your real estate professional's fees are paid out of commission from the developer, so representation often costs you nothing.
  • Real Estate Professionals Know What They Are Doing – No matter how good of a businessperson or negotiator you are, it is very likely that your real estate agent is going to be more familiar with the home purchasing process. Their experience and knowledge base will give them insight on aspects of the sale which often times can save tens of thousands of dollars over results seen by the less experienced.

While many involved parties were worried about the impact of the Quarry Creek community to the local environment and communities, its developer, the Corky McMillin Companies, insist that they are focused on protecting the environment by designating 56 percent of the 156 acres as open space. They also insist that the development would increase property tax revenues in the city in order to support additional demand upon resources such as emergency services.

Whether you are interested in purchasing property in the new Quarry Creek neighborhood or are considering purchasing one of the other newly built San Diego homes for sale, be sure to have a real estate professional on your side to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible on your new property.