New Survey Reveals Best Way to Sell Your Home

Homeowners in Encinitas and throughout San Diego County, CA will find a new National Association of Realtors survey reveals the best ways to get their properties in front of buyers and sell faster and for top dollar.

This new 2012 NAR home buyer survey unveiled emerging trends in how buyers are shopping for homes including the websites and technology they are using for house hunting and how they are buying.

For those selling homes in Encinitas and other parts of San Diego County this is crucial information for getting the most visibility from their properties, which in turn means generating more offers enabling them to sell faster and demand a higher price.

It may be common knowledge that 90% of today’s home buyers continue to begin their home searches on the web but there have been many misconceptions about which websites they are using. This survey blows those away and helps sellers to see what really works.

There may have been a lot of buzz in the media about listing sites like Trulia and Zillow recently but while they may be attracting attention for IPOs and stock fluctuations it is now clear that they are barely used by half as many serious home buyers as real estate agent websites like

It is also important to point out that For Sale By Owner Websites were used by barely 10% of home buyers who purchased homes since July 2011 and 91% of home buyers who used the web in their home search still used a real estate agent to help them find the right home and close the deal.

Of course mobile and tablet searches are beginning to be used more too and will be more after the coming holiday season equips even more San Diego home buyers with the latest smartphones and iPads. This means those listing their Encinitas homes for sale must make sure their agents are promoting their properties through quality mobile search tools to those with these devices like via those recently added to this site.

Still knowledge is only power when it is put into action. For underwater homeowners in Encinitas that means beating any new wave of foreclosures and new taxes coming in 2013 and capitalizing on short sale incentives which are still in play for the next couple of weeks by listing on the right sites quickly.