Only Weeks Left to Snag Best Deals on San Diego Coastal Real Estate

With the holidays on us and New Year's Eve celebrations already looming there is a unique opportunity for home buyers to scoop up incredible deals on San Diego coastal real estate.

Even in sunny California the holidays have a huge impact on the real estate market. While the retail store sales may be calling and party arrangements wreaking havoc on your schedule there are few times of the year when San Diego home buyers will find such great opportunities to get even sweeter deals on the homes they have had their eyes on.

Spring and summer may be the best time of the year for many sellers, but this is definitely the season for buying. Just as you may find yourself busier than ever with holiday preparations, so do other prospective buyers. In fact, many shelve their home hunt until after the dust from the holiday season has settled.

While home sellers along coastal San Diego have become very confident in recent months, this slowdown in buyer activity makes them nervous. That makes sellers and their agents even more eager to cut an attractive deal and quickly.

This scenario is magnified even further this year due to lenders receiving triple incentives for approving short sales and the mortgage forgiveness tax break for underwater homeowners expiring at the end of the year. Plus everyone from banks to agents to lawyers want to make their numbers look better for end of year, ensuring everyone will be working harder to help you.

The San Diego coastal real estate market is only going up, meaning we won't see deals like this for more than a decade. So with such an exciting to scoop the best deals on fabulous San Diego homes, the only question is will you act and make the most of it?