San Diego Foreclosure Trends - February 2010

There were 33,335 San Diego foreclosure homes and 5,399 new foreclosure filings in February 2010. The average sales price of an San Diego County CA home was $412,457 and the average sales price of a foreclosed home was $308,872, a savings of $103,284 according to

San Diego Foreclosure Activity and Home Price Index

Home price appreciation decreased 0.64% in February with 5,399 foreclosures.

 San Diego County CA foreclosure activity is based on the total number of properties that receive foreclosure filings - default notice, foreclosure auction notice or repossession notice - each month. Home price appreciation is based on month-over-month percentage change of the Home Price Index. The Home Price Index is calculated from home sales records.

San Diego Foreclosure Geographical Comparison

San Diego foreclosures were 0.23% above national statistics and 0.04% below state figures.

San Diego Foreclosure Activity by Month

San Diego pre-foreclosure activity increased from 1,849 in January to 2,367 in February. The number of bank-owned properties decreased from 1,056to 878, while auctions decreased from 2,394 to 2,154.

New Foreclosures By Town - February 2010

Solana Beach: 13
Del Mar: 19
Rancho Santa Fe: 13
Poway: 63

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