Three Reasons Why Encinitas Is A Popular Choice For Home Buyers

So far, this year has seen the entire San Diego real estate market making big strides in its recovery from last decade's housing collapse. Low interest rates and a decreased supply of local properties for sale have caused home values to rise and a distinct seller's market to appear.

Local communities have all seen their fair share of increases during this market upswing, but Encinitas has gained noticeable increases in price recently. In addition to a promising real estate marketplace, Encinitas is attracting buyers and new residents thanks to a number of unique characteristics of the city.

Some Of The Best Surfing In The World

You can ask anyone who lives there – Encinitas is known throughout both the area and the world as one of California's leading surf destinations. From Swami's to Boneyards, there are a number of surfing spots which draws both amateur and professional surfers. In fact, a number of residents claim that the close proximity to these surfing destinations was their primary reason for moving to the city of Encinitas in the first place.

The Laid-Back Community Atmosphere

Compared to many other cities in San Diego County, Encinitas favors a much more relaxed lifestyle. From art galleries spread around the city to surf shops and small restaurants lining the Pacific Coast Highway, Encinitas provides residents with a break from the hustle of big city life. Rating number two in the country for the best-rested citizens, this area features a very laid-back view on life.

Another testament to the community atmosphere present in Encinitas is the city's recent passing of Proposition A which placed numerous restrictions on large and commercial building projects in order to allow to the city's residents to control the area's real estate growth in the future.

Five Areas With Unique Personalities

Although not a large city by any means, Encinitas is comprised of five separate areas, all with their own history and unique culture and ambiance.

  • Old Encinitas is the city's most famed area, focusing in on the downtown and beachfront sections of the city.

  • Encinitas is the product of expanding growth in the city and contains a lot of new development, shopping centers and golf courses.

  • Olivenhain is Encinitas' most rural community and is the center of the area's equestrian sports.

  • Leucadia is a historic section of the city that is comprised of shaded, tree-lined streets complete with art galleries and cafes.

  • Cardiff-by-the-Sea is at the southern end of Encinitas is an upper-end beachfront community that attracts surfers from all over to The Reef and Swami's surf destinations.

For a myriad of different reasons, the Encinitas real estate market has seen massive increases in home values this year. This growth is not only fueled by a strong San Diego housing market, but also by the number of great reasons to live in Encinitas. It is one of the most popular cities to live in all of San Diego county, and the numerous benefits of living there are sure to keep residents happy throughout the year. For both buyers and sellers, this means that Encinitas will likely continue its positive growth and high demand well into the near future.