Leucadia Homes for Sale, Encinitas Ca 92024

Leucadia, California is often referred to as a surfer's coast. Located along the San Diego coast, surfboard signs welcome tourists to Leucadia and Encinitis. Leucadia is still one of California's best old-fashioned beach towns, with some of the best waves in the area for surfing. As visitors gaze out from Grandview Beach, all they see is dozens of surfers, boards, and more waves

While surfing is the way of life, if it is not your thing, Leucadia also offers other outdoor sports, charming cafes, and local boutiques to explore. The charming town is also only about 30 minutes from San Diego and a train goes through town, making it easily accessible for those that work in downtown San Diego.


The Leucadia Real Estate Market

Part of Leucadia's charm is that it has not changed much over the years. Interested residents will still see charming, small cottages in between newer houses along the coast. Most of these are for single families and provide stunning coastal views. Many houses are along Neptune Avenue, which provides direct access to the beach, as well as a scenic walk.

Recently, builders started creating new condominiums and apartments near the Leucadia Bluffs. These detached condominiums offer a different type of house but often cost more money. The city of Encinitas wants to add an improvement neighborhood that would modernize the community but so far the Leucadia community is against it.

While Leucadia was originally covered in avocado trees and that may changed over time, the community still takes pride in up keeping their community with its beautiful, lush gardens and up-to date landscaping.


Things To Do in Leucadia

Many residents eat, sleep, and breathe surfing as the beach is open from 4 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. At Grandview Beach, visitors will almost always bump into someone carrying a surfboard or just gaze at the waves in amazement at how many surfers and boards are down there. If surfing is not your thing, the beach is 11 acres long features other activities such as swimming, biking along the pier, or sampling cuisine at the outdoor cafes.

Families living in the area will be amazed to realize that Paul Ecke Central Elementary School, one of Leucadia's schools, was built in 1942 and is still servicing children. Children may also attend the prestigious Encinitas Union School District.