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San Diego County anchors the southwest corner of California with a thriving city and thousands of acres of coastal mountains and beaches. The city of San Diego is the eighth largest in the nation, and home to one of the largest metro areas in the Americas, making it an important hub of commerce and tourism. San Diego is also an important economic center, with a busy deep sea port, and a large biotech industry consistently rated among the best in the nation.

A Bit About San Diego County

San Diego County is famous for its 70 miles of beautiful coastline and its mild Mediterranean climate. The mountainous topography of the area lends itself to a wide variety of temperature zones, but the county as a whole receives more sunshine and warm weather throughout the year than any other spot on the west coast. The urban parts of San Diego County are known as North County, South Beach, and East County, and are home to a wide variety of cities and neighborhoods within the main city. Snow-capped mountains rise above the homes in San Diego County to the northeast, while the Sonoran Desert lies at the county's far east edge.
The San Diego County real estate area is one of the most expensive urban spots in the nation to buy a home. While real estate prices are high, slower growth in recent quarters has enabled many buyers to afford homes here. Many of the county's most expensive homes are located at the northern edge, while a wide variety of more affordable homes can be found near the south and central sections of the county.

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