San Diego Short Sale Process ~ Stop Foreclosure

Want to sell your home but owe more than it's worth?

Don’t let that hold you back. Whether you are eager to avoid the devastating consequences of foreclosure, need to sell your underwater San Diego home to relocate or are interested in getting out from under an oversized mortgage and taking advantage of the current market, you have come to the right place and a short sale may be the perfect solution for you.

How to Stop Foreclosure: Know Your Options

Know that if you are facing foreclosure you do have options but despite some misconceptions in the media there is often a short period of time in which to take advantage of them and protect your rights.

Whether you are already far delinquent on your home loan or are just concerned that you may have trouble keeping up or wonder if you are better off just walking away property owners have several choices of how to stop foreclosure if they more quickly.

1. Loan Modification

If you talk to your bank they may be willing to reduce your interest rate if you want to stay in your home. However, this does not eliminate the threat of foreclosure from delinquent property taxes or association fees. In some cases those who are already delinquent may find themselves with higher payments after a loan modification due to re-capitalization payments and inclusion of taxes and insurance.

2. Bankruptcy

Attorneys love the current crisis and have been cashing in big from pushing bankruptcy as an option for stopping or stalling foreclosure. This may be a smart option for a few but make sure you have weighed all of your options first and are aware of the true costs and consequences of bankruptcy which can be equally as damaging as a foreclosure.

3. Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

In some cases San Diego homeowners may be able to hand over their keys and rights to the property to escape a full foreclosure but this doesn’t always mean the fresh start borrowers expect and of course certainly doesn’t feel great just to give up under pressure from the lender.

4. Short Sale

A short sale means being able to sell your San Diego home for less than what is owed to the bank. This allows it to be priced competitively and sell quickly. This can provide freedom from debt and a genuine fresh start. Depending on who the lender is and personal circumstances borrowers may even be eligible to receive cash payouts for completing a short sale and to help them with relocation expenses.

Short Sale or Foreclosure: Which is Right for You?


Many homeowners sadly, extremely underestimate the harsh and long lasting consequences of foreclosure on their financial futures, everyday life and their children and partners’ lives.

No matter how dismal and gloomy things appear to be right now the truth is that they can get a whole lot worse if you go through an actual foreclosure. Even after the ugly eviction process those who fail to take advantage of the help available to them can find they are haunted by this financial decision for decades and may never recover.

In contrast, those opting for short sales can often enjoy walking away with quite sizable checks in their hands, obtain absolution from any outstanding loan balances, receive help with relocating and depending on their circumstances see less damage to their credit and even be able to purchase a new home in San Diego very quickly.

It’s not just about saving a few points on your credit score the ultimate result is a night versus day difference and a new beginning.

Why You Need a Professional Short Sale Specialist on Your Side


As with any other real estate related service or financial transaction, when it comes to short sales it pays to have an experienced professional short sale agent in your corner.

This isn't just to have someone to walk you through the San Diego short sale process. There is a massive difference in the results achieved by the best San Diego short sale specialists including ensuring you obtain forgiveness for any outstanding loan balance, benefit from the best compensation and tax incentives and of course that the short sale is completed quickly so that you can move on.

Why wait and watch your options disappear. Our team of short sale agents are the best in San Diego and will help you get the best deal in negotiating with the bank so that you can get on with your life and enjoy a brighter future.

Contact a short sale specialists today for a confidential chat and to explore your options or get started right away.

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