How to Hide your Home's Ugliest Features

Home sellers usually have something in common and it is that they would like to hide at least one feature from prospective buyers. Just because a trouble spot is unsightly does not mean it is otherwise a problem that will cause troubles for new owners. It is a fair deception to disguise such things as unattractive windows, cavernous ceilings, overpowering fireplaces, and ugly carpet. The following are tricks for hiding your home's ugliest features.

Preparing your San Diego home to sellWindows – Clever window treatments may be all you need to obscure a window that looks odd or unsightly. If a window is too plain or an unattractive height, create a window frame that goes to the floor and install a shutter with two parts, one part to cover the window and the other to cover the wall. Simply keep the bottom two closed, and no one will know it's not part of the window. Another trick is to purchase a stylish window shade that extends past the bottom of the window and place drapery panels on both sides; the result will be greater visual height.

Ceilings – If you have a cathedral ceiling that detracts from a room's comfort level, you can use paint to create the allusion of a lower ceiling. Paint the ceiling with flat paint that is a shade lighter than the paint on the walls. Dropping the height of light fixtures and drapery panels will also give the room a cozier feel.

Fireplace – Masonry fireplaces are popular amenities, but some dark brick styles that dominate the room in older homes can make your house feel outdated. Some strategies for giving the fireplace a more modern look include: painting the brick a neutral color and removing and/or replacing the mantel and other molding.

Carpet – Flooring has a decided effect on the way a room looks. If you are selling a home that has carpet you don't like or that has seen much better days, there are ways to avoid the expense of replacing it. The best approach is to distract the eyes to a different focal point. Set up a grouping of furniture with an area rug that is a solid color if your carpet is busy or that is busy if your carpet is one color. Try pulling attention completely away from the floor by creating an eye-catching fireplace or wall arrangement.

As you prepare to sell your San Diego County home, there's no need to be distressed about your least favorite features. With a little creativity, you can upgrade the look of every unsightly detail.