DoubleTree Golf Resort at Rancho Penasquitos Undergoes Renovation

Mid-May marks the beginning of a $2 million renovation of the DoubleTree Golf Resort at Rancho Penasquitos. The facilities will have a more upscale flair and a more contemporary setting come summer.

Dining facilities will be temporarily relocated during the 2-3 week renovation, so don't hesitate to stop in.

The new contemporary design will have a 'local pub' feel and is sure to become a place to meet friends after work or on weekends.

DoubleTree's fitness center has just undergone a year-long renovation. Updates include special flooring and new equipment, including weight and rowing machines, treadmills equipped with televisions, stationary bicycles and Pilates balls.

The Heritage Ballroom was renovated three years ago and is a stunning place for a special occasion.

Zero-scaping is also being included in the landscaping of the 135-acre resort in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.

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