Party on the Beach House in San Diego

San Diego has its share of great stretches of beautiful beaches. From Carlsbad to La Jolla, San Diego has over 70 miles of gorgeous beaches where locals and tourists can enjoy the southern California sunshine. The dream of many Americans is to own a little spot on one of these pristine beaches. Over the years, many songs and stories have been written about these quaint southern California beach towns.

Living on a beach offers so many incredible fun, entertaining and relaxing activities, such as surfing, swimming and snorkeling. One thing that beach house residents all agree on is that you'll suddenly have a whole bunch of new-found friends. In fact, people you barely know will unexpectedly show up at your door and want to hang around to see what you're planning to barbecue later. And by the way, they just happened to bring their swimsuits along. If you've ever owned beachfront property, then you'll completely understand this anomaly.

Though it may eventually get tiresome to some, swimming and barbecuing is a way of life for beach front property owners. They might complain at times, but most do love filling up a cooler with their favorite soft drinks and beer and then firing up the grill. You can cook anything from hot dogs and hamburgers to the finest steaks and it all tastes great when you're relaxing in a lawn chair with a dozen friends and watching the sun settled into the Pacific Ocean.

Today, even scientists have begun to study the effects of living near a beach and they've concluded that there are definite benefits. One study done in England shows that natural water environments dispel depression and lift your spirits. People find it easier to relax, laugh and just enjoy their lives in general when they live near the water.

The next time you're near an ocean or lake, just close your eyes and take a deep breath and you'll feel a deep sense of calm. Though doctors aren't fully sure of all the reasons why, coastal living does have numerous mental and emotional perks. These homeowners have a strong sense of good health and happiness. In addition, they're often wealthier individuals.

If your life seems too stressful and you're always hurrying everywhere you go, coastal living could be the cure. It seems to have a broad and truly positive impact including a generally richer lifestyle. Of course, everyone may be thinking that beach front homes are just too expensive, but this isn't true anymore. With today's housing market in full recovery and lower interest rates, you can own a beautiful place at Del Mar, Encinitas or Solana Beach for a very reasonable cost. It does take a bit of legwork but with the right real estate agent by your side, you'd be surprised at the bargains out there just waiting. As if that were not enough, coastal properties almost anywhere in the world have a very strong resale value and are consistently in demand. Homes sell faster and prices are higher. That makes beach front property a great investment.