Encinitas Homes for Sale, What Are Better Deals, Foreclosures or Short Sales?

To date there have been 256 homes sold and currently there are 174 detached homes for sale in Encinitas, Ca 92024. Of all of the homes sold in Encinitas year-to-date, 31 have been foreclosures, 32 were short sales and a whopping 193 were traditional sales. That means that traditional sales have already accounted for over 75% of all homes sales in Encinitas.

This is great news for Encinitas homes values, but as with every home buyer, your goal is find the absolute best possible deal, so which of these types of homes should you be looking for to ensure the best savings?

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Looking at all sales, Encinitas foreclosures had a median size of 2088 square feet and price per square foot of $283.61 while the median size short sale was 2928 square foot with a price per square foot of $278.33. This still doesn't give us a clear answer though as to which is the better value because of the large difference in median square feet.

Further study of the sales statistics revealed that with homes under 2500 sq.ft., foreclosures were clearly the better deal followed by traditional sales and short sales which both trailed far behind. Larger homes however, homes over 2500 sq.ft. paint a much different picture. Foreclosures still stood out as the better value, followed closely by short sales and traditional sales trailing far behind.

  Smaller Homes ( < 2500 Sq.Ft. )
Larger Homes ( > 2500 Sq.Ft. )
1 Foreclosures Foreclosures
2 Traditional Sales Short Sales
3 Short Sales Traditional Sales