Famous Hollywood Ca TV Homes

See if you remember these famous homes from some of our most endeared TV shows we grew up watching week after week.

Beverly Hillbilly Mansion – 750 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles CA

This 21,523 square foot mansion with 10 bedrooms and 12 baths was the unlikely home for the Beverly Hillbillies. After Jed struck oil, he took Granny, Elly Mae and Jethro, “loaded up the truck, and moved to Beverly.”

Home of The Brady Bunch – 11222 Dilling St., North Hollywood CA

This seemingly middle class North Hollywood home used in the 1969-1974 TV series is now worth about $1,182,500. It's 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2,477 square feet housed the two families that we know as The Brady Bunch.

Six Feet Under – 2302 W. 25th St., Los Angeles CA

Fitting to its theme, the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home on Six Feet Under was actually a 6,324 square foot gothic Victorian home in LA.

Beverly Hills 90210 – 1675 E. Altadena Dr., Altadena CA

Hollywood shows are all about illusion and such is the case with the Walsh family home on Beverly Hills 90210. It was actually located in the 91001 ZIP code in Altadena.

Happy Days Home – 565 N. Cahuenga, Blvd., Los Angeles CA

Remember the Cunningham household from Happy Days? Their modest Milwaukee home was actually over 3,900 square feet with 6 bedrooms and located in Los Angeles, CA.

The Osbournes Home – 513 Doheny Rd., Beverly Hills CA

The lavish residence was home to heavy metal rocker Ozzy, his wife Sharon and teenagers Jack and Kelly and their many dogs was the site of the first realty show sitcom. The 11,571 square foot home has 6 bedrooms and 10 baths, and its estimated value is over $12,000,000.

Charmed House – 1321 Carroll Ave. #1, Los Angeles CA

This San Francisco home (located in Los Angeles) was the site of many strange happenings as a result of the three sisters who resided there. After inheriting the home from their grandmother, they discover their true power as witches and proceed to wage battle on demons and evil warlocks. I always wondered who would clean up after the messy fights each week.

Numbers – 2515 4th Ave., Los Angeles CA

This 3,733 square foot Craftsman home is occupied by Charlie, his dad and FBI agent brother as they use the power of math to fight crimes.

The O.C. Mansion – 6205 Ocean Breeze Dr., Malibu CA

Not everything is as it seems on the set of the O.C. The gorgeous 6,376, 5 bedroom and 7 bath Newport mansion was actually located in Malibu. Remember the infinity pool that Ryan and Marissa splashed in; it was just an extravagant studio prop.

Dynasty Mansion – 1145 Arden Road, Pasadena CA

The luxurious Colorado estate occupied by oil tycoon Blake Carrington and his spoiled, rich family was actually a 10,209 square foot mansion located in Pasadena CA. Apparently Alexis demanded a shorter drive to work.