Best Deals on Homes in Cardiff by the Sea

When people think of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, they usually envision miles of pristine beaches and waves rolling in against the rocks. It's the type of place you want to go and visit, but never leave. Many do come for vacation each year and think how great it would be to live in such a lovely community. There's always some kind of street fair, festival or event going on around town. People come from all over to sample free pizza, egg rolls, sandwiches and other delicious fare provided by local businesses.

One thing that visitors usually come away thinking is that there's no way they could afford to live in such a lively, gorgeous town. With the housing market the way it is these days, that's just not true anymore. It's possible to find a very attractive cottage near the beach in an affordable price range.

Home Styles in Cardiff

One of the common things that homes in this area share is the open, airy beach feel. Homes often have Plantation Shutters, French doors, larger patios, and high-end features. Though a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home may seem priced a bit high, remember that location is still the deciding factor with home prices. In the $600k to $800k price range, you can expect to get a comfy place with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops and bathrooms and kitchens are often newly redone.

Investing in Property

Another thing to remember is that, in areas like Cardiff by the Sea, home prices will always hold their value. Regardless of what kind of year the housing market is having, quaint towns like this will forever be in high demand. When you think of your purchase as an investment, you can quickly see the value in buying here. Even if you decide that the house is too cramped for your family and you want to sell in two years, it will proove as a wise investment. Homes in beach towns sell faster and at higher final prices. That's just a given.

Cardiff Real Estate Deals

Homeowners are often intimidated by beach property owners and they aren't sure if they can ask for a price reduction or closing costs. In most cases, sellers are willing to entertain offers and they understand that negotiating is part of the process. If the property is beautiful, situated near the shore and fairly priced, there is the chance of a bidding war. In this case, you'll have the advantage by working with a highly experienced real estate agent who knows the area and has excellent negotiating skills. Sometimes the only advantage (or disadvantage) is your agent. The sharper the agent, the better deal you can expect to get.

These are just a few of the things to consider if you've been thinking about buying in the area. Cardiff is a dream town with a strong appeal. It's clean, safe and offers a very laid-back beach lifestyle. It may take some time and legwork, but it's a dream worth pursuing.