How to Sell Your San Diego Home Using Feng Shui

(Photo by Lynn Greyling)Feng shui is, in essence, an approach to home staging and should not be the only approach to selling a house in San Diego. The effectiveness of Feng shui in the sale of a home begins with using an agent who carries out an effective marketing plan and, of course, also includes having the right asking price. Feng shui is a down-to-earth strategy that was first used in China and has been widely adopted in the U.S. When you take a close look, it's easy to see that Feng shui is simply a common sense approach to home selling because the goal is to create a more welcoming and pleasing atmosphere.

Analyze each room with an eye for traffic flow. This isn't an issue that's only relevant for large gatherings. Traffic flow in a room has an impact on everyday life. Rooms need open walkways that are easy to navigate. The positioning of furniture alone can cause a room to create feelings of claustrophobia. Potential buyers will feel better about a space that feels open as opposed to maze-like.

For a home to give an inviting vibe, it's best if the back of furniture is not what people encounter as they enter rooms. Also, if chairs are positioned in solitary stations, it creates a sense of isolation. Where will people sit to have a conversation? Creating a room that is set up so that people can easily enter, gather, and talk generates positive energy and helps you sell your San Diego home.

The little touches make a big difference, when potential buyers are looking through your home. For instance, water can create positive energy, such as a small water fountain strategically placed in the home. A view inside your toilet, on the other hand, is not something buyers want to see; and that may have to do with the fact that water and money escapes down the commode. Flowers and plants create the same type of harmony as water fountains. You can't go wrong with thriving plant life positioned throughout the home.

Consider every component of the home and whether or not there is an underlying message that may communicate stress or some other unpleasant response. Photos of spiritual icons and chaotic images on paintings could be all it takes to put a buyer in a negative mindset towards the property. A questionable smell will quickly discourage buyers. The best atmosphere to create when you are selling a home is one that is restorative, peaceful, pleasant, and calm.

The colors in the home should be as neutral as possible so that potential buyers are able to envision their own furnishings in the setting. There are times when an offbeat color in a room of the house is the number one selling point for particular buyers. Most of the time, however, selling a home is easier with a sort of blank canvas effect.

Sellers are advised by Feng shui practitioners not to get emotionally attached to a particular selling price. People value a home based on internal values, rather than market values, and they may also base their purchase on such things as retirement goals. Openness with regard to selling price can mean the difference between selling and not selling your San Diego home.