3 Important Things For Seniors Living In Carmel Valley To Know About

When it comes to naming San Diego neighborhoods that receive a lot of hype, Carmel Valley is often near the top of that list. Because of its proximity to high-paying jobs in the technology field, among others, Carmel Valley is highly-desired by many younger, working families. After adding in some of San Diego’s best rated schools, Carmel Valley real estate becomes highly coveted by families in their 30’s and 40’s.

Because of its peaceful, residential ambiance, many senior citizens also call Carmel Valley home. According to a 2006 population estimate from the San Diego County Assessor’s Office, over 2,500 seniors lived in the city.

For seniors living in Carmel Valley, there are three important things to know about the community:

1. You Are Not Alone – The You Are Not Alone program, or YANA, is an initiative by the San Diego police department’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). For seniors living alone in Carmel Valley, these officers can be a huge help. These volunteers will make home visits to residents who do not have nearby family members to check up on them. In addition to peace of mind, these visits provide homebound seniors with visitors at the frequency of their choosing, a benefit which many residents partaking in the program enjoy.

2. House Checks – Another service of the RSVP officers is to conduct house checks. A myriad of Carmel Valley seniors who have had to leave home for reasons including visiting family and health issues have taken advantage of this program. While residents are away, members of the RSVP will stop by their homes to help ensure that there are no problems.

3. Home Value Near Peak Level – Compared to the other areas of San Diego, Carmel Valley real estate didn’t see too bad of an effect from the housing collapse. At its lowest point, the median value of Carmel Valley homes for sale dropped only 28% from its peak price – a paltry figure compared to the 50%+ seem throughout most of southern California. Now, Carmel Valley homes for sale are seeing median values just 3% under 2006’s peak according to DataQuick. For anyone who has considered selling their home in Carmel Valley in order to move closer to loved ones, the time may be better than ever.

Carmel Valley is a great place to live, especially for seniors. There are a number of different services in the city which are available to older residents, including the You Are Not Alone program which can prevent both senior residents in Carmel Valley, and their family members living else, from worrying. Looking at real estate in the city, the recent rally in the housing market has brought up median homes prices to nearly peak levels. For seniors who have wanted to move closer to family but couldn’t for financial reasons, this rise in value may be just the help they need.