San Diego Documentary Transfer Tax Explained

Edited on January 17, 2020

Most closing costs associated with buying real estate in San Diego is generated by the private firms who handle the sale. There are, however, two costs which arise from the role of local government in the process. One cost is the recording fees which are based on the number of pages needed to complete the transaction, such as grant deed or deed of trust. The other cost is the documentary transfer tax which is collected when properties change hand for consideration.

Both of these fees can be found on escrows closing statement under title fees. The common misconception is that the title insurance company is profiting from these fees. In fact, these fees are always collected by the County office upon recording and due in full.

The current documentary transfer tax amount in San Diego County is $1.10 per each $1,000 on the sale price or value of the real property being transferred.

How to Calculate Your Documentary Transfer Tax

Sales Price / Value: $650,000

Transfer Tax Rate: $1.10 per each $1,000 of sale price

Computation: $650,000 / $1,000 = 650

650 x $1.10 = $715.00 (Total Tax Amount)