Public to Vote on One Paseo, Carlsbad Limits Vacation Rentals, and Other Local News

One Paseo Development Delayed Pending Public Vote

Despite the San Diego City Council voting in late-February to approve the 1.4 million-square-foot One Paseo development in Carmel Valley, area residents opposed to the project have gathered enough signatures to force a public vote during the June 2016 elections. Alternatively, the City Council has the option to rescind its initial approval at their meeting on May 18th.

The collection of signatures was referred to as “incredibly disappointing” by a spokesperson for the project's developer, Los Angeles-based Kilroy Realty Corporation.

Spokeswoman Rachel Laing reaffirmed that this delay wouldn't sway Kilroy Realty from moving forward with One Paseo. “We'll work hard over the next year to educate voters on the merits of what will be San Diego's most environmentally sustainable project and the many economic and community benefits One Paseo offer.”

Carlsbad Licensing Vacation Rentals, Limiting Acceptable Locations

The Carlsbad City Council has been working for more than a year to stay on top of the hundreds of short-term vacation rentals operating in the city, first limiting how owners can subdivide their properties, and most recently fielding the suggestions of city staff members for enacting a plan to license and tax the leased-out homes.

Now, despite recommendations to apply the new rules evenly across the city, council members have decided to strictly limit vacation rentals to Carlsbad's coastal areas. Despite strong opposition from some members of the community, the city has been urged by the California Coastal Commission to allow short-term leases. According to the commission, the availability of vacation rental properties is a must to ensure equal access to the area's coastal resources.

The Carlsbad City Council will have a final vote on the ordinance in May, and if approved, changes will be put into effect thirty days later.

JPA Votes to Manage San Dieguito River Park for 50 More Years

After making the tough call last week to compromise with the California Coastal Commission and remove nearly 700' of the San Dieguito Boardwalk, saving 520' feet of it in the process, the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority has voted to renew their partnership and extend their management agreement for another fifty years.

The JPA, which is a collaboration between the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the city councils of San Diego, Solana Beach, Escondido, Poway, and Del Mar, was formed in 1989 to care for the 80,000 public park.

Despite the approval of the plan by the Joint Powers Authority, each of the different member agencies still need to vote on the management extension before it can be considered official. At this point there has been no statement about when those votes are likely to take place.